Fan Art

I LOVE YOU ALL THANK YOU FOR THIS HUGE AMOUNT OF FAN ART!!! Here's a website full of more fanart

The lovely Bloomer made me this :D So sweet and unexpected, thank you! I really love colored pencils..

MY FIRST SLASH PIC YESSSS by my friend Saari, whheee!! :D I love you T___T (btw I ship it for sure)

Summer fanart by Th4natos!! She looks so happy :D I like the background too. <3 Thanks man!

This is Halloween, this is Halloween! NamePendingCreations made this for mmeeee...for the summer exchange. It looks pretty dang cool.

Commission by Endling. O________O I was super excited to commission him, he's legendary. Seriously, he's been one of my favorite artists for years now. So glad I was able to commission him!

My dear friend Serpy made this for mah bday yaaaay! Bday art is the best art. :D ALSO SHIRTLESS AHHUHJSHFJ *dies* She's the best at drawing shirtless guys!

Alicia drew me Darco for my bday too and it's perfect! :D The smoke...yes very perfect. Darco can spell things out if he wanted to. :D OH MAN THANK YOU I'm overwhelmed with joy!!

Commission by Hamish Steele He's really sweet and cool and has a cartoon on Cartoon Hangover. Check it out!

EcM, my dear friend! Draws so good! I'm screaming! Because I'm so happy! :DDDDDD This is so perfect, eeeeee

Kara you amazing sweetie you <3 Fantasy Abby ahhh! Now I want to draw fanart of my fanart. >.>

My boyfriend, Will, finally finished a drawing! He's super great at drawing sexy men! :D This needs some sparkles.

Adorable drawing by Rezpiral!!! :D Her comic is amazing, go read it!! Our main characters look almost identical, haha.

Miss Roux continues to be the coolest person ever. Even though she herself isn't short..her leading lady is, so yay! Abby is only 5 ft tall by the way. :P You'll see.

I commissioned this piece by Bedsafely! I love it so much. :D Her eyes...and her's so cool! I love seeing Abby in all the styles. :D Check out her art! And maybe commission her!

Ephy made this to cheer me up. :DDDDDDDDD Ummmmmmmm she's so cool. Love her style so much it hurts!! Auughh!

JohnnyV made me this for the Easter Exchange! :D Yay! That shadow monster is awesome and I love Benny in a basket, aww. Thanks so much!!

The hilarious D-Wreck made this hot piece of fanart. It's a "Stupid sexy Flanders" reference. :P So funny, I love it!

The lovely and talented Centcomm made this! We've yet to see Abby in CGI before, pretty cool. I love it so much!

Roux knows me too well XD I LOVE BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH! Move outta the way Abby, he's mine!! >:O ....thank you Roux, you're the bestest!!!

So, I love commissioning artists..this is by Yassui and holy crap. I love it so hard. Money well spent! :D SO MUCH TALENT!!

An "In the Snow with my Lover" fanart by Dollipop! :D Isn't it sweet? I like that Benedict is blushing.

Adorable fanart by Rinkel! Not only does Abby look extra cute, but her hair style actually looks right! XD

D'aww PrussianMoose draws such adorable cheeks! I just wanna pinch 'em..ahem, anyway here's a great sketch that includes all the characters! That's rare. :P Even though there's only 3 characters right now.

Rinkel has told me multiple times how much she likes Petunia. I'm very happy about that..look at this beautiful art she drew me! :D Love it! Be sure to check out her comic, Xenobiosis.

TheMightyBox drew this for Petunia..girl got a lot of love on Valentine's day. :3 Very cute stuff!

FRECKLES EEEEE <3 Poet is Jackarais's character from Bicycle Boy. Um...this is perfect. <333

My buddy LeRenardRoux drew this for me...her character courting Abby. :D it's so cute!!! Gaaah! Go read "Wolf at Weston Court!"

The wonderful artist formerly known as Dummy, Skarabeon made this awesome fanart for me. and they're in the forest...that's really cool. This is a rare will never see Petunia's hand ever again. :0 Don't they look fabulous? I like the shiny-ness.

OMGGGG these are sooo good! :D Ephemeros's art is sooo damn fantastic, and I love her comic, Slightly Eccentric. I guarantee you've never read anything like it.

So..Jackarais. GUYS. JACKARAIS IS SO GREAT AT DRAWING. I'M SUCH A HUGE FAN. Bicycle Boy has some coloring that makes me so happy. Well and everything about that comic is cool. Just read it and fangirl with me.

Yaaaay, Proxy170 drew this for me, I love it! Screentones are awesome. :D Look Proxy even drew a lil Petunia in the corner, aww. So great! Check out Project Arc in Proxy's profile!

Fanart by Specsdude!! He has a promising new comic called Daniel's Dreams and says that Benedict is his favorite character. :D I'm happy to see other characters getting some love! Benedict is the BRAINS of the group, afterall...(oh dear..)

The lovely and talented Dummy drew this for me!! :D YES THIS IS THE FIRST PETUNIA FANART I AM SO PLEASED. I think she fits Dummy's style quite well. :D


The amazing Alicia drew this for me. I'm a big fan of her style and damn, her comic Silver is so awesome. You should read it.

What's this, even more beautful fanart?! Bill, or UltimateB here on comic fury, draws Chick Peas and his wife writes it. I quite enjoy it. As an aspiring animator, I look up to Bill. Isn't he great? D: But wait, there's this too:

He drew himself and his wife as my kinda zombies. And it's awesome. of the coolest and most awesome artists ever drew this for me, Zoe Stanley. OMG. I'll never get over how great this looks. This is...almost TOO comic will never be this cool, sorry guys. :P but definitely check out Zoe's art.